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Welcome to our Website www.balodia.com. In this Site you will find a great collection of oil paintings and sculptures. The art collection on our site has been created by our Artist Mr. Durgesh Kumawat (Balodia) from all over his work area.

About Durgesh Balodia (Painter)

For over quarter a century, the Indian artist Durgesh Kumawat (Balodia) has worked directly with pencil and paints to create artworks that engage viewers with the limits and wonder of human perception.

Durgesh Kumawat (Balodia) was born in 1968, in Govindgarh, a small town of Rajasthan, India. He completed his education at the S. R. L. Shaharia PG College, Kaladera.

He is well known for his unique oil paintings and sculptures, mainly from the epics of Hindu Devi-Devta. His path-breaking work in oil paintings and sculpture has been both acknowledged and respected, first in Jaipur (Rajasthan), then across the country. His paintings and sculptures are in more than 500 Temples, Hotels and Homes of Rajasthan and India.

Although primarily known for his expressionistic paintings and sculpture, he is a gifted painter. This sense of rhythm that his paintings and sculpture is noted for is manifest brilliantly in his oil colours. The fluidity of this medium lent itself to his style. His works in the Triveni Dham, Pramanand Kunda Dham and Devnarayan Temple (Chandwaji) are tradition interconnected with Cubism to achieve a peculiarly personal idiom. Both his sculpture and his paintings are unprompted and bold.

"His work shown in this collection reflects the spirit of traditional Indian Miniatures and Temple Sculptures."

Amit Balodia  

This website presents a collection of Durgesh Kumawat (Balodia) artworks around his work area, focusing on works that are publicly available for viewing. Artworks can be viewed by title, location, by date and by type. Additional works will be added to this database on an ongoing basis. Please subscribe to our Newsletter for current information and additional Artwork and Sculptures.

All art works by Durgesh Kumawat represented on this website are © Durgesh Kumawat (Balodia)

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